The First Comprehensive History of the American Garage Door Industry

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We found this great article from 2014, written by Tom Wadsworth, then editor of DASMA, chronicling the innovation history of the American made sectional door starting in 1921. Martin Door is at the forefront during the pioneering years, entering the industry in 1936. With that start came a rush of design development and engineering. Martin Door became the industry leader in garage door product safety features, a title it still holds today. Over the years, American garage door companies came and went, some were absorbed and function under larger international corporations. Martin Door was family owned & operated up until 2014, when it was purchased by local Salt Lake City businessmen Gary Neilson & Shane Smith. It still remains the one of the oldest American owned garage door manufacturers in the US. While the standard, affordable average looking garage door remains a sales staple,  recent design innovations are keeping Martin Door at the forefront of the boutique niche, which caters to a more design savvy homeowner who understands the value of investment pieces and is looking to maximize curb appeal. The new Steel Pinnacle now offers the V-Groove and H-Groove options, in a variety of design configurations. The Steel Athena works as both a door and a window wall. By using steel, rather than aluminum these new designs not only look incredible, they are truly affordable!

You can read the entire article here: GarageDoorHistory_Fall2014-1.pdf


Martin Steel Pinnacle V-Groove Medium Woodgrain



Martin Steel Pinnacle H-Groove

Martin Steel Pinnacle H-Groove Ash Woodgrain


Martin Steel Pinnacle H-Groove w/ Enhanced Center Stile


Athena Short

Martin Steel Athena Bronze Color Short Panel w/Smoke Tinted Acrylic

Athena Long Wood

Martin Steel Athena Long Panel Frosted Acrylic Medium Woodgrain