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Tri-Cities Best of 2013, First Half!

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Tri-Cities Best of 2013, First Half!

2013 First Half Of  The Year Report…

Twice a year Windemere Agents Mike & Linda Robinson send out a newsletter in recognition of excellent customer care and named Advanced Overhead Doors  below;


“Tri-Cities Best of 2013, First Half!”

“Twice a year we try to give “APPRECIATION!”  to Individuals and/or Businesses that have provided us—and our clients— “EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE!”  over the past year and, therefore, have earned our (and your) continued support.”


 Great service this year for both our clients and ourselves.

Tom Whitney / Advanced Overhead Doors, LLC
Office: (509)783-0335


Our thanks to Mike & Linda!

You can reach them for all your Real Estate needs with the contact info below.  If you would like a copy of the entire list, email Amber


Mike Robinson
Cell phone: 509.727.2797

Linda Robinson
Cell phone: 509.727.3623
Office Phone:  509.783.8811
Fax Phone:  509.783.8678


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Our New Website!

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Our New Website!

A cleaner, more informative web presence!

Creative TaLantz  has completed our new website sooner than anticipated, with an incredible amount of new information we’ve been wanting to share. Please take a moment to get acquainted with our new website, and share it and our new web address with your friends and family who may be in need of our services !


Our thanks to Lance!

You can reach him for all your Web Design needs with the contact info below.

Lance Greenwood

Phone: 509.420.0890


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